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Virtual Event Overview

Using feedback from event directors, we have built some of the most comprehensive and engaging virtual event tools.

(screenshot from The Long Trail Virtual Challenge leaderboard page showing where runners are on the virtual course)

What is a virtual event/challenge?

Virtual events can be as simple as an individual activity, or they can be fully featured with goals, incremental achievements, courses (like the image above), badges, and more. 

Here is a screen shot of the participant side of a virtual challenge with goals, badges, and achievements:

(Screenshot from the Long Trail Challenge. The badges that are earned are colored and clickable whereas the badges that have not been earned are greyed out.)

Virtual Event or Virtual Challenge?

There are two types of virtual events, virtual events and virtual challenges. The quick differentiation between the two is that a virtual event is an event where there is no physical location, but participants register and participate within a set timeframe, whereas a virtual challenge is an event that has goal(s) and achievements within the event to give the participant something to strive for.

To learn more about the differences, go here.

How do I get started?

Learn how to set up both a virtual event and a virtual challenge by clicking through the links below:

Virtual event how-to

Virtual challenge how-to

How do participants update their virtual challenge data?

When a participant is registered for a virtual challenge, they will need to update their activity data to earn badges and compete for the challenge goal. They can easily update their activity data by following the steps in this article.